Paul Shainberg Architects, LLC is a full-service residential architecture firm located in Rye, NY. Founded in 1998, we have created or renovated over 300 residences throughout the northeast including homes in Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.
Paul Shainberg, AIA is a graduate of the Yale University School of Architecture. Our staff is composed of professionally trained architects with a broad range of project experiences.
We are involved in all aspects of each project, from conceptual design through construction administration. We believe that creating a new residence or renovating an existing home should be an exciting and rewarding experience.  As such, we are dedicated to a team design approach in which we, our consultants and our clients strive together to achieve optimum results.

While every project brings a unique set of challenges and design opportunities, we bring a sensibility to each for creating well-proportioned, livable spaces that are attuned to views, natural light and how they will be used. The connections and flow between these spaces are also of great  importance and serve as a means of knitting together the various rooms of a house.  Finally, a house should be beautiful on the outside and so we take great care in composing elements, materials and details to create a sense of balance and harmony that’s unique while at the same time seeming as though it was always meant to be.